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I was wondering if anyone knows whether a possible reaction i'm having can be part of this interaction.  My pdoc says hes never heard of it and has no idea but I know that there may be others in the same situation.  My morning meds are cymbalta alternating 60mg/90mg and biphentin 50mg which i usually take at the same time around 9 or 10 am.  The problem I'm having is that before I started on the Biphentin, i never had withdrawal from the cymbalta unless i missed a dose by like 3 hours or more.  Cymbalta is one of those snris with really bad withdrawal where you have to take it the same time every day.  

I'm now finding that I feel withdrawal (shaky, slurring words, trouble moving, exhaustion) even if i take it 24 hrs apart.  I was wondering if the biphentin could be making the cymbalta metabolize quicker.



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