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Take to the Bed

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Hi guys

I just love my bed.  I take to it most of the day since being unemployed. I eat in it, read in it, compute in it, take my 10 mg lexy in here, watch tv in it, everything but ...... you know what in it. Yea, well maybe I could sleep if I had that part in here.

Anyway, I have spent over $1,000 in credit card purchases for THE BED (which I certainly can't afford).

I know its indulgent, but if you are going to spend that much time in the bed, might as well enjoy it. No polyester for me, no sir-ee. Only down pillows, over 400 count thread sheets, lilac spray thats supposed to help me sleep, etc. I am so safe in the bed. Yet, I CAN'T SLEEP...I know get out of the bed. But...its so cozy here.

See ya


edited to add: also do recreational drugs in bed...alone


well, most sleep hygene (sp?) experts say that the bed should just be a place for sleep and sex and noting else. no tv. no work. no computing. etc. etc. so that your brain only assoicates it with sleep.

for more info on sleep hygene lookie here





of course, when one is depressed this advice sounds easier than it really is, cause sometimes it is just so damn hard to get out of a comfy bed when you just feel like you can't face the world.

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Truth is, Halo Girl 66....

I've been facing the world for many a year now, and the bed is so much BETTER (I do have to go to the Dollar Store for toilet paper and other sundries)  but all, in all, give me a warm, soft bed....life is good.

See ya


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I like my bed and my soft 250-threadcount beechwood modal-thread sheets.  They are as soft as 10 year old, repeatedly washed, cotton/poly things.  I recommend getting them, the Bed Bath & Beyond chain sells them in the US and Canada.  And I have a softcover latex pillow with the same modal thread pillowcase to cuddle with.  I like those when I'm depressed.  Now that I'm unemployed and slipping into the big D, I'm cuddling with those 16 hours a day.

And yes, I have an f'in Y chromosome and am a 22-year-old straight man to boot.

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i soooooooooo want the swedish sleep system that they show late night on t.v. you know, the one that nasa endorses. your girlfriend can even jump on the bed and not knock your wine over! what a fantastic time we live in. too bad it's a $1500 mattress. i guess i can dream about it on my box springs and back pain special, or can i?

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