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Depression, irritability! Help!!

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I'm struggling with depression. I'm irritable all of the time I pretty much snap at everyone who means anything to me. I can't stop eating. I feel like I hate myself pretty much all the time. So far I've been put on Wellbutrin, latuda, lexapro, and vyvanse. I'm still on the Wellbutrin I don't take the vyvanse every day. Came off of lexapro because of weight gain. Came off Latuda because of involuntary facial movements and neck stiffness. Anyone have any ideas? How do you handle you depression. It's ruining all of my relationships. My husband has said multiple times if I don't get it under control he won't be here much longer. I need help! Any help at all! 

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Welcome to CB!

What does your psychiatrist (pdoc) say about this?  Does s/he know you went off of meds and don't take vyvanse everyday?

The meds that help the most for depression for me are prozac and wellbutrin.  The other meds I take (see sig) might help synergistically as well, but I don't know that for sure.

Also, do you have a therapist (tdoc)?  I think that might really help you.  I've had great experiences with them (my pdocs have done therapy all my life also), one tdoc in particular, who really helped me out with the depression (among other things).

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The meds that have helped most in the past were a combination of Lamictal and Seroquel. Right now I'm doing very very well on Abilify which I've taken for a little over a week.

when I'm depressed, which is most of the time, I'm very irritable and snappy too. My personality is not very nice in those times. 

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