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So i just "came out" of a psychotic episode thanks to zyprexa, im on 15mg and im also on 50mg lyrica for anxiety but i've been feeling like crap worst than when i was psychotic. I see no point on doing anything, i cant get any satisfaction from things im still funcitonal but i feel like dying will be better than living like this, i feel really sick and zyprexa is always making me hungry, my hands shake and my vision is almost always blurry it also sedates me quite a lot. I felt better with the voices and the hallucinations at least they were entretaining now i feel sick, i hate everything and i've been self harmimg again because i hate myself i feel guilty for having a mentall illnes like my life is just a waste. Do you think i should see my pdoc? What do you think he would do about this? I feel so lost right now

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I'm going through this right now. Was psychotic, psychosis went away and now it's just hard to get out of bed or shower. The guilt is the worst for me. My pdoc just put me on a new antidepressant. Good luck to you.

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