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How to deal with coming down after a high stress situation?

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Whenever I get hyper stressed about something, I get manic and can't sleep. When the incident is over, I still am in that mode and have trouble returning to "normal". It seems like I have to take extra meds to sleep to return to "normal". I'm physically tired but my mind is going. I'm going. With the lack of sleep, I would think I would collapse but I can't .  Am I the only one who has this problems? It's like trying to come down. Is this normal for bipolar?

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I'm not sure if it's normal for people with bipolar. My guess is yes? What you describe happens to me. If I get a stressful phone call or see someone who stresses me out maybe, it's hard to relax my mind.

I agree it would be nice to have some kind of technique to bring myself out of it. I wish I knew one. I guess just take the meds, because that's why you have them. It helps me to learn to recognize those situations so I can avoid them, or talk with a therapist about how to cope if it's unavoidable or a regular part of your life.

I know how you feel. You can be exhausted and you can't sleep and you just keep getting more upset and further from sleep. A regular person would eventually fall asleep but I'm just laying here with my mind spinning and getting more frazzled! I'd consider that it could be an early warning sign that you need to watch for. Maybe you're already stretched a bit toward manic and that's why your having trouble dealing.

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