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Hi all,

Might have to get creative at next pdoc appointment and was wondering about clonidine.  I'm curious about your experience with any of the below;

1) trauma-related nightmares  (or I'll take nightmares generally speaking if it ditches them)

2) psychosis

3( mania prevention and treatment

Also, any nasty side effects I should be aware of?  Or typical side effects that most people get?


Many thanks,


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Darn.  I think in my head I thought there was one that did both because that's what I need...antinightmare that doesn't lower blood pressure so I could try fanapt (since it's low on Pseudo parkinsonian syndrome likelihood but my understanding is it lowers blood pressure).  My blood pressure is already low enough because of prazosin and I don't want to give up the nightmare relief unless it's to another drug that helps with it.


thanks for the clarification.

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