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I am having a shitty day

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I did not sleep for seems like at all last night - I don't really know why, just didn't.  And today, I'm crabby, irritable, tired, overstimulated...you know the full nine yards.  If I could, I would just start crying, but even that seems like too much work.  Thankfully, my husband just took my three obnoxious children to my middle one's basketball game (all boys 15, 14, 11).  I am so sick this weekend of living in the sports laden, loud, obnoxious house of testosterone...

Now it is quiet in my house and no one is here for about 90 minutes, which I have been absolutely CRAVING.  I feel like if someone touched my brain, they would get jolted with about a gazillion bolts of electricity!

Under pressure to have a Superbowl Party, I (against my will) invited this one family over today.  I was also mad about that because I just didn't want to.  Thank God they said today they were just going to hang at home.  Now all my family is dissapointed because we're not having a party.  I say fine with me.  I just can't take this stimulation today.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!???????  I feel so out of sorts... ;)   :embarassed:

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I'd try breathing and silence before Xanax, trying to hang onto a little bit of peace without adding the benzo, but if you can't relax whatever part of your head is wound up way too tight, it would probably help some.  Remember, though, I haven't taken Xanax myself.  Bueller?

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I'm sorry to hear you're feeling like this, Anne. It won't be much consolation, but you pretty much described exactly how I'm feeling right now. I had a terrible episode last night. I was edgy, irritable, hyper... and paranoid. I couldn't sleep last night because I was afraid someone was going to kill me.

I don't know what's wrong with you, and I don't know what's wrong with me, but let's stick it out together and pray to the aliens that it's just temporary, because, I don't know about you, but if I don't get a better sleep tonight, I'm going to go completely bloody bonkers.


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I'm going to go out on a limb here...

I am going to suggest that what threw you out of balance was the impending Super Bowl shit. I hate the shit too and it threw me out of whack. I've been popping Klonopin like Skittles all day and still don't feel better...

Get out of the house if possible. Take yourself out- anywhere. I'm at the library right now to get out. Go anywhere but around anything involving sports, testosterone, or football.  ;) i hate football!!! i hope every team loses!! lol

Get out of the situation and take some Xanax, and see if you can calm yourself down a bit. If possible, explain your agitation and fears to hubby- AFTER he is not mad and AFTER the incident is over. He may understand and work out a plan for future triggering events.

Yep, I think the event was a trigger.

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Any chance of trading those guys in for girls?  Or dogs?  heh  Just kidding, of course!

My friend's husband invited 5 other men over to watch the game.  She made a pot of chili and she's going out to a movie with her girlfriend.

I'm with the others--I think you need some quiet time.  Any chance of letting the menfolk watch the game on the big TV while you retire to your bedroom with a book or a Julia Roberts movie and a bag of chocolate chip cookies?

I'm so blessed--the only man in this house hates TV sports.  (He's putting in molding in my utility room as we speak.)  Chin up--you're prefectly normal and I would just back away from all the hoo-hah.



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I thought fucking football

was over.

It took

way too long

to get rid of

whatever sport

was on before.

I'm living without

a TV.

Don't miss much,

never watched

much sports


And now the


can extend the misery



football etc.....


I vote for a short

Stupor Bowl


As for me,

I can ignore it

all together.

For others,

find escape,

please yourself,


figuratively too.

Pills aren't always the answer

but,they always work.



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I agree with Loon-a-tik, tho a day late.  Having a *party* against your will was the triggering event coupled with a bad night's sleeping and you have a recipe for the miserable. 

I'm glad your husband was able to get the kids out of the house for a while for you and I'm glad your party was cancelled.  I hope the rest of your night wasn't so bad and you got a good night's rest.

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I know how that all feels.  It took me quadruple my normal dose of Klonopin to knock myself out last night, and I was definitely feeling a major depression coming on the day before.

Part of it might be that I'm an Indianapolis Colts fan, though.

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Part of it might be that I'm an Indianapolis Colts fan, though.


Hey!  That's who I really wanted to win -- well actually I live in St. Louis, so if it had been even an option, of course, I would have been for the Rams, but I was born and raised in Indy, so second best for me is the Colts.  I was so disgusted with that game against Pittsburgh.  Poor Peyton Manning, seems like he always caves under pressure.  Oh well...just glad the whole damn thing is over.

Thanks to everyone for your support.  I didn't quite get to retreat like I wanted, but at least there was no f'in party either.  My husband and kids wanted to act like we were having a party; I tried my best, but my heart just wasn't in it.  Hmph...peer pressure from my own family  ;) And to top it all off, my son sprained his ankle during his basketball game so they had to come home early!!!  Nobody understand crabbiness and the "electrical storm" except people like us.  It is so hard to describe

Today, I have been very blah and somewhat depressed.  I can somewhat feel the fog lifting this evening.  At least I did sleep better last night - I took .5 Xanax instead of .25.  I seem to be taking that more lately...hmmm...think that's okay?

Ramble, ramble, ramble...thanks again!

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