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when i was taking effexor xl and sodium valproate, shroom effects were totally squashed.  (bit giggly, naught else). 

my bet's on it being the valproate. 

things happen if you take maoi's and shrooms together.  check it out VERY carefully at erowid if you're on one of them.  People do take small amounts of syrian rue, a MAOI, to increase effects of shrooms, but i imagine the levels taken for depression and the daily buildup would do something very different. 

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Look up "serotonin syndrome" - nasty nastiness that can happen you mix an ssri with shrooms.

And as far as maois go whatever the dose the normal shroom effect should be about doubled with the addition of a much heavier tryptamine (mostly 5-meo-dmt) buzz that could be very weird. Mushrooms contain tryptamines that are only activated by maois (unless you smoke the shrooms).

Be careful..

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i dont think serotonin syndrome is common when combining shrooms and SSRIs...much more likely if you combine DXM and SSRIs...probably the bigger issue is how stable are you and will throwing shrooms into the mix cause a slip? im not exactly one to talk bc i loev to trip, and it's probably not great for my mental health...but we only live once...

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I find psychedellics to be very theraputic.

I usually skip my doses of ap's and mood stablizers the day before. 

Great advice right?  Heh.

I slipped into depression a week ago.  I was sleeping 16 - 20 hours a day and my waking hours were nothing but work (thank god for flexible part-time jobs). I was worried I was going to fuck up the new course I am taking like I fucked up going to university because of the depression. 

A couple nights ago I did a moderate dose of DMT and I am fine now.  FLIP.  Everything is good, I can do my homework, go to work, do my volunteer work....

Not that DMT can be compared to mushrooms, but they are both psychedellics and like I said, I find them theraputic.

Some people can handle complete ego loss while mid-depression and it is helpful, for others it can just make it worse.

Everyone is different, so be careful ;p



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