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Unbelievable turn of events

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I found out about a week or two ago that my medication which were suppose to have 2 refills on them had none. I decided I would call a week before the scripts ran out. Anyways my psychiatrist is such a screw up he wrote my script twice and couldn't get it right even the second time. He put a 0 in front of the 2. So the script read "02" which they obviously can't give me 2 refills on cause it looks like I added the 2 there. I guess he accidentally wrote 0 then remembered it was 2 but why didn't he just write the script over a third time? Maybe he was too embarrassed to write a script 3 times I don't know but it has me in a terrible situation. Also more bad news, I called my doctors office, which my pharmacy called multiple times and they said the office was closed or wouldn't go through. So I decided to call them myself this time, and it seems they closed my location, and didn't even say where they moved to, as far as I know they just completely shut down the whole thing. So this would not be so bad if I had 2 refills on my prescriptions like I was suppose to, which would give me enough time to find a new doctor. Now I'm completely screwed I have 2 days of klonopin left, and can't believe I'm in one of those completely messed up benzo situations where I probably can't get a refill in time. This is beyond frustrating. It has to be illegal for a psychiatric office to close everything down, with no warning, no phone call or nothing how is this really happening? Anyone have an idea of what I can do?

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I had something similar happen to me once where a pdoc was let go from a practice not long after I saw him, and they had no incoming pdoc for a few weeks. The practice got another doc (not even a pdoc) to just sign off on med refills for all of the patients until they got a new permanent pdoc. My pdoc finally called me directly and gave me the info for his new practice so I could transfer over. The whole incident was bizarre. I'm still not sure what really happened.

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