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I have been taking 25mg at bedtime for sleep and anxiety since December. It caused me to become a zombie, constipated, bloated and crazy heartburn. The last dose I took was last Monday night. I skipped last tuesdays dose as I had to be at an appointment very early the next morning. Well later that day I started getting nausea. Then came vomit and diarrhea. Hot flashes, sweating, insomnia. I decided to stop taking it as after dealing with stomach issues that left me bed ridden. Are these symptoms of withdrawal? How long do you think this will last if so? Anything to help sleep? The insomnia is crazy. I purchased some nausea meds and the hot flashes and chill seems to be dicapting. I still have a lot of anxiety, sorta of feels like adrenaline if that makes sense. I hope someone has a comment.

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45 minutes ago, crazy_diamond said:

Are these symptoms of withdrawal?

Yes, one of my former pdocs referred to the symptoms collectively as the Seroquel "flu". I've experienced it a few times after missing a dose and it can be very intense.  It's hard for any of us here at CB to say how long it will last - that's a question for your doctor. I hope you feel better soon!

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I wouldn't be able to handle being off seroquel unless it was substituted for something else to sleep. Note, definitely don't miss this medication along with others that cause withdrawal because its hell. Luckily the hellish feeling keeps me on my meds. My doc told me to try tyrosine for withdrawal though when going down dosages. Its helped for me

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