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im so stupid

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i met a guy who seemed really nice the other night, someone who actually made me feel good.

he gave me his number and made me promise i would call him. so i go to call him and i have written the f*ckin number down wrong!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHH

all i can think to do to contact him again is to go back to the place i met him same time and that next week and pray he turns up.

anyone got anyother ideas, im so upset.

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I'm Wiccan. Here's what I'd do...

Sit in a peaceful, quiet place and imagine a protective circle around you. You'll want it to be dark except for some candles.

Write his name on a piece of paper, have the paper he wrote his "phone number" on, and imagine him...

relive his face and voice, and everything you remember about him.

INVITE him to come to you and be real with you. you have to INVITE or it is compulsion and a no-no in Wicca.

Ask the Goddess for her blessings and watch your circle fade.

Go have fun and forget your "spell". The night is young!

loon the witch

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Did he mention if he went there a lot?  Maybe someone there (the waitstaff? the bartender?) knows him, and either knows how to get a hold of him or can give him a message from you.

My other suggestion is to call all the numbers that it might be- like, oh maybe that 7 should be a 9, I guess I'll call both numbers.  But I may be the only obsessive weirdo who does that.  I've had 6 digits of a phone number and just called every possibility for that last digit.  ;)   I'm nothing if not persistant!

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ok so today he calls me, he got my number through one of my friends.

good sign i would think, he called me, asked me if i wanted to catch up next weekend. all appears to be good.

but he is at work and says he will call me back later, i ask "around what time?" he said 4. now its an hour and a half past the time he said he was going to call me :-(

Now i dont know where i stand, should i call him back now i have the number or wait to see if he does call??

if i do call, then what do i say?

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