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Parnate - The unusual drug - Based on experience from a person with 28 years experience taking the drug. Hope this helps if you are new to the drug.

Find a Pharmacy who regularly stocks these tablets - They are not as commonly used now and you find the stockist has to order a supply in etc.. leaving the patient in an anxious sweat.

Uptake for this medication -     This depends on how severe your mental and general health is when you start. After about 1 week note down some positives and by week 4 to 6 you should start feeling more in control and by 6 months starting to stabilize. After 12 months you should have a steady mood established and enjoy life as much as any one else does. Exercise everyday and check current dietary advice, especially include salad, unsweetened fibre rich muesli with blue berries. This will help keep you remained balanced. Sweat that angst and sadness out by taking a long walk, swim etc. This medical condition should be viewed like others (i.e what if you had BP or diabetes so you are not alone when it comes to relying on medication to manage your health. Your condition may be genetic or have a cause. It's important to combine recovery with cognitive therapy.

Regular health checks - Have your, liver function, blood pressure, vitamin D levels checked by a Dr on a 6 monthly basis or as directed by the medical professional.  You may have low vitamin D levels, however, get the checked by a Dr don't self medicate with piles of tablets.

Withdrawals - Personal decisions to withdraw from the tablet - Do not break the tablets down and kid yourself about withdrawing without consulting your Dr./medical professionals.  ( Ever, unless you want a world of pain )  

Keep the tablets in their bubble pkt - Tablets left outside packets and past their expiry date may lose potency, so that's why you may feel unwell some times even though you have taken your regular dose. Avoid taking old tablets in the plastic pills dispenser - See the Dr for new script, cut the new tablet strips up into individual tablets that remain in the plastic bubble until used.

Storage - Keep them in a mild temperature. A zone in the house or work place that is not humid or too hot. Not in a hot 2nd storey room or car during the extreme Aussie summer.

Adverse Reactions to the drug - You will not die within minutes if you have a reaction as listed on the medication advice sheet. Reactions will feel unpleasant but try to be calm and attend a hospital asap with family or a friend other wise call an ambulance. Do not drive yourself if you have the choice. ( typical anaphylactic reactions - Read medication EPI pen instructions - This is a different medical concern to a thumping headache or palpitations from an adverse parnate reaction)

Dry mouth is quite common - try gum, carry a small water bottle, what ever helps.

Alerts in your wallet - Have an updated alert in your wallet/purse about your current drug intake for medical experts if in an emergency. Make sure your family and close friends know what to do.

Dental - You can have anaesthetic when at the dentist. Make sure they are clearly informed about your medication and dosage. 

The drug is usually quite effective as it builds up in the system and if you do experience some of the side effects speak to your Dr to get advice about dealing with them. Remaining on a drug that makes you stable would seem to be the priority. As your are already aware, anxiety and depression are the pits and put pressure on the most dedicated fiends and family. Try and do something to help the people who care about you or lose them.

Surgery - Operations - You don't need to be withdrawn from Parnate before having major surgery. You do need to clearly inform the surgeon, medical experts at the hospital so they are absolutely aware that you take parnate. The medical team will use alternative drugs to proceed with the operation and ask you to bring your medications with you to hospital so that can monitor and distribute the right dose in combination with appropriate pain management.

Sleep disruption - take the last medication at 12pm to minimize the spark you get from the tablets that help you start the day. Really avoid caffeine and alcohol after 5pm. Give your body a chance to get better over 12 months and stabilize on the drug so you gain confidence. You may need a post work mini nap depending on other sleep tablets that are being used to help you start snoozing every night.

Instability - Through out the time taking the tablets you may have some bad days. It's ok things kick back into a stable rhythm and your cognitive therapy will help you work this out.

If you are unsure about any medicine mixing ask at the Pharmacy and they will certainly alert you about what to use and leave alone.  

A lot of blogs/forums on the web focus on what goes wrong but I prefer to find out about successes not downers. You don't need a story that makes you feel worst off after searching for help.

Take it easy and live long.


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