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The pdoc listened to me, and is slowly titrating me down from klonz and into valium. I hope I can find some relief. She's also giving me Vistaril for the night time as it causes sedation but is good for anxiety as well. Wish me luck!!


What are your personal experiences with valium, did it help? What was your dose? I'm on 5mg right now as I start out, do you think that will increase? Thanks!

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I was highly disappointed with Valium. I heard all these stories about how wonderful it was, it was relaxing, calming, etc., and at 10mg it did next to nothing for me. I barely felt it. Due to the long half-life, it didn't do much to keep my anxiety down.

But then again, neither did Klonopin, so long-acting benzos don't work well for me. Neither did Tranxene when I was on it. RX was 7.5mg, I needed 45mg to feel any relief. 

Xanax, OTOH, works wonders at 0.25-0.5mg. I'm wired differently.

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