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you posted in the FAQ on omegas, but here's a link to it anyway linkey link

I reccomend Nordic Naturals and Omega Brite who both make high EPA formulas.

as for what it will do... EPA (which is in fish oil) has been found in multiple studies to be "an effective and well-tolerated intervention in bipolar depression."

Generally, I'd say to shoot for 1000mgs or more of EPA a day.

studies on EPA range from looking at 1000 to 9000 mg of EPA.  1000mg is the lowest dose of EPA that i've read of as studied to be helpful in bipolar depression.  in order to get this much EPA out of just fish oil caps, you'd have to take a TON, which is why i reccomend the brands above

sorry if this is short,  i just spent like an hour on my part of the FAQ and don't want to rewrite it here.  if there's something unclear in it, let me know.

take care


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For my mentally interesting husband, it helps get rid of depression. It is a great adjunct to his lamictal. If you are mentally boring like me, it still helps your heart and joints. I really notice when I forget to take it because me knees hurt like crazy.

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Heya robotlove29,

There's evidence -- more for cholesterol/heart than for brains/moods.

I take 8g daily.  3:2 EPA:DHA.  Jamieson.

I started it long ago for cholesterol.  But when I started Lamictal, I went off fish oil.

And had withdrawals, rebound depression, within 2 days.

To me, withdrawals say "real drug."

So, I went back on.


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