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I woke up yesterday morning seriously worrying that I was a serial killer and that I might have killed people but that I just had no memory of who I'd killed or how I'd killed them. I felt like I could see it in my face when I looked in the mirror and that I walked/carried myself differently because of it. I also worried that one of my cats knew what I'd done and that I dog I saw in the street knew also because I smiled at it and it barked at me.  I have an appointment with a mental health nurse on Friday and I'm worried that if I tell them about this that they will either call the police or put me in hospital or something

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I would definitely tell your mental health nurse of this worry you have.  Sometimes it helps to talk things out and get a different perspective on things.

I don't think you will be put in the hospital or have the police called on you unless you are a threat of harming yourself or others.


Do you have a diagnosis?  On meds?

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