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I've had acne now since I was 27. I'll be 37 next month and it is horrible. It is all over my chin and disgusting. I can't bear to look myself in the mirror. I tried a topical prescription which made it worse, and birth control which isn't helping (might switch to a differernt kind). I recently won $50 free Mary Kay product so i chose their acne products and it said clears up in 7 days. It's been 4 with no signs of clearing up.

Anyone have any good advice? 

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I wrote about this in another thread ... I find that I have acne/break out a lot more when I eat too much sugar.  Once I cut down on the sugar (not completely off of it because for me it is not possible), the acne (and eczema) both disappear in 4 or 5 days.

YMMV though.

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Some prescription creams make the acne worse before it gets better. This is because they make the skin turn over and regenerate much faster so all the future zits come through before the clearer skin.

what I've found helpful is the combination of benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin lotion (benzaclin); Differin gel; tretinoin (Retin A) gel; and doxycycline (Doryx) tablets which I took a course of while using Retin A Gel. 

Im just using Retin A now, indefinitely. My skin has stayed clear since the Doryx course. Retin A has anti-ageing effects so I will just keep using to preserve skin.

Nothing OTC ever helped me.

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I use Tacha Camelia Cleansing oil.  It sounds counterintuitive to fight acne with oil but certain good oils reduce inflammation and help your skin heal.  

It might be working for me only because I am on minimal psych meds now and when I did have bad acne I was on multiple medicines at high doses. 

If all else fails you could try it.

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