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So I had/have drug induced parkinsonism and the main (though not only) symptom has been an awful tremor on the left side of my body.  We started going down on risperdal from 4mg to 1mg and on lithium from 1050 to 750 (alternating them each week).  Unfortunately when we hit the lower point, I developed symptoms of an episode.  So we immediately bumped the lithium back up to 900 (it had only really gotten rid of a right hand tremor seemingly).  I started rexulti at 0.5 mg.  because I thought it was a blip, I was surprised when symptoms came back that evening so I called to let him know it was more than one day.  We raised the risperdal to 2mg.  The tremor came back in full force.  But then a few days later, I raised the rexulti to 1 mg and now it's a lot better.  Not gone, but better.


is there any world in which that makes sense?  That adding a different AAP would take away the tremor?  The long term goal is off risperdal but I was just curious about whether it's a coincidence or not.

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