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Ok, I took my nighttime meds.  Ain't even tired. Is this a sign of hypomania? M thoughts race but I'm content. I'm happy and I want to stay up but I also know I have to get some sleep. M gabapentin was reduced from 300 mg to 200 mg three times a day. 


I think ink I've been on abilify for almost two months now. Insomnia has always been a problem when on Abilify but it is a sweet anti-psychotic. 


Idk why I'm up like I am. I'm getting more on fire for God. I know no preaching. I mean I'm not going to be concerned until I seeing it from other ppl that I'm acting weird. 


The only symptom is racing thoughts and insomnia. I have pharmagaba which is good to relax you. I hope I'll be ok.

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