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Hello guys, I have read some of your posts and I've decided to create an account in order to get some advice since I find you guys have had some success dealing with psychosis. My mom has been schizophrenic (paranoid) for over 30 years but she has never been aware of it, completely the opposite, she always says she is fine and she thinks everyone scream at her that she is crazy, and that people rob her house and OMG so many things. The problem here is she didn't have treatment until I turned 21 that I could take her to the doctor myself and they prescribed her zyprexa. That seemed to work out for the last 7 years but I live in a different country now and she stopped taking the pills and fought with my aunt who used to take care of her. I'm really desperate because she doesn't know that she is sick and if I try to tell her she turns aggressive and starts saying im calling her crazy. I wonder how you guys can even realize when you have hallucinations or deliriums? I find so amazing that you can even talk about it. Please help me to understand how could I make my mom aware that she is very very sick and that she needs treatment. The pdoc told me that she needs to intern at the hospital from 2-4 weeks and I feel like it would be so disastrous to intern her against her will, please share with me any opinion you may have. I'll be more than grateful for your help

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Hello I88

I am sorry to hear of the difficulties which your mother is facing, and the anxiety you are experiencing in trying to understand how best to assist her.  Unfortunately, however, CrazyBoards is a first person peer support site for people living with mental illness.  This means that we do not and cannot claim or attempt to advise family members and other loved ones on dealing with or treating someone else's psychiatric condition.  Please refer to the post which I have linked below, which gives some ideas of other areas on the internet where you might make contact with people in a similar position to you.

I am locking this thread.

Mia (moderator)

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