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need online pharmacy referral

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Hey all,

Anyone know of a tried and true, low-price online pharmacy? I would like to try ordering online but I'm scared of either getting phony meds or sending in the money and not getting anything (and I don't have $$ to spare...)

Anyways, any recommendations?

I'm in Canada so canadian sites would work well.


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My dad uses www.canadameds.com for arthritis medicine.

Hubby uses www.supersavermeds.com ...this is a site in India. Their meds are all generic equivalents. If you are really sensitive about exact formulations, this is not the site for you. The only trouble we ever had with this site is a delayed shipment due to monsoon season. We have had no credit card hanky panky or anything like that.

If you go to www.overseaspharmacy.com and register, there is a discussion board about the different pharmacies, who is a rip off, etc... Sure, some of the people on the board are just junkies trying to score, but there is valid information amoung the "WHERE CAN I GET VICADEN?!?!?!" posts.

As to why we use this type of place...well...we are self employed, have no insurance, and make just enough money not to qualify for any type of aid.

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