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Can I mix gabapentin and clonazepam and t3 and t4 and end this misery of life. I'm not having fun anymore. I have diseases and spinal stenosis and ankylosing spondylitis and 3 types of arthritis. Can I take enough of these and peacefully leave this planet? I'm done. My wife drives me crazy. She is mean and bossy. It's terrible pain is too much.

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Death wish
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Hi Robert and welcome to CB. I'm very sorry that you are feeling like hurting yourself. You do have a lot of health concerns and that sucks, but you still can live a full life in spite of those problems. I'm sorry that your wife is not more supportive of you. You definitely need and deserve support.

As to your question, it's doubtful. Do you really want to end up worse off? Please don't consider suicide. It's not an answer.  Please go to the ER. They can help you. There are meds that can work wonders (I'm proof of that). Just don't give up.

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