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Anyone with REM Sleep Disorder Behavior?

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The official description follows.  Fascinating, mysterious, and a serious bummer.  I've thrown myself out of bed, punched my wife ... local MD in France prescribed Amytriptoline (Elavil) an anti-depressant ... but I'm nowhere near depressed, or in need of an anger outlet.  

In wondering why ... occurred to me that my wife is a very aggressive position changer -- sheets and blankets yanked near violently.  As per below, most acting out is in response to fight-flight moments. Maybe my sleeping brain registers that violence as an attack?  Maybe if she calms down, I will also?  

Any thoughts, experiences?  

" ... where the muscle atonia (the protective mechanism that causes immobilization during REM sleep) is partially or completely absent. Sufferers, predominantly older males, may therefore try to physically act out their dreams, often suffering (or causing) physical injuries in the process. To make things worse, the dreams involved are usually even more vivid and intense than usual, often involving classic fight-or-flight scenarios. Curiously, RBD patients rarely complain of fatigue, and it seems that restorative slow-wave sleep tends to increase in compensation. The condition is now thought to be a kind of degenerative brain disease, and RBD sufferers often go on to later develop Parkinson’s disease or similar neurological diseases. Medication is usually able to control this potentially dangerous condition.

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I have a history of self injuring in my sleep. My doctor asked me what I thought triggered it, and I had been talking on the phone about my past domestic violence with another girl. I was told not to talk about it outside of my therapist and doctor. 

Are there any other triggers you can think of? What did your doctor say?


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