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Wellbutrin Withdrawal - stop the spinning!!

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Anyone have any tips for easing the dizziness? Going off Welbutrin for good this time (now that I've got the right dose of celexa, and the right dx - ADHD + general anxiety disorder, NOT anxiety, depression, and low self esteem. No, writing nice things about myself in a journal won't fix the fact that my brain tries to process 12 thoughts at a time, all the time. Can't tell you how many therapists tried that one before I finally figured out -on my own- that I ought to be evaluated for ADHD. Stuuuupid therapists >:(  ) ANYWAY, I've tried dropping off it several times in the last 7 years, but always ended up with looping, negative thoughts along with the physical symptoms. This time, there's none of that! I feel great and I can tell it's the right thing to do this time. BUT jeezy-peets am I dizzy! I've been off it for 7 days now, no tapering. (I know, I KNOW. Dropping meds cold-turkey = bad. Did that with Paxil once and almost ended up in the hospital once I couldn't feel my face anymore ;) ) But I'm keeping an eye on the severity of my withdrawal symptoms and, so far, they're not that bad. I've gotten past the intensely sleepy phase and am surviving the mildly nauseous phase. The dizziness just hit last night. It's not so bad I can't function and I know it'll pass in a while, but it still sucks! Any suggestions?? 

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Because ADHD
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Well if we were still at the day that you quit, you could have asked your doctor for a small prescription of the immediate release bupropion. Like a 75mg tablet in the morning for a few days as you wean off. However, if you're already 7 days off of it, I can hardly see a reason to add back in immediate release tablets to wean off.

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