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I am wondering at what age if any others found that they stopped getting worse, I mean I know it is hard to judge if you've been successfully treated, but this question is for those with hard to treat or untreated stuff that has gone on for many years

They talk about average ages people start getting sick but not about what age they reach their peak as in symptoms have developed to the worst they will ever be

I have found I am getting worse each year.  Though I have not had any treatment at all for most of the many years I have had symptoms.  Do years of non treatment make the end result worse, permanently?

I found the meds only helped the hallucinations which were not much of an issue for me anyway even though they have been getting slowly worse.  I have finally found something that helps with the paranoid thoughts about what others are thinking about me and my lack of ability to control my speech and physical movements which was bothering me a great deal.  This gives me hope for the very first time.  But my negative symptoms are terrible (lack of motivation and interest, not cleaning) as well as anxiety about things that I know full well is over the top but is very hard to reason with and just generally feeling on edge all the time and can't sleep.  It has just been getting worse and worse gradually each year I would like to know that at some point, it has reached the worst it can be because as far as I can tell, I am just stuck with these things. 

I literally feel that at some point I will just be curled into a ball in a corner never interested in even moving again yet not sleeping and shaking like a leaf and afraid to do anything, I am 40 will this ever stop getting worse? 








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I noticed feeling better symptom-wise late 30s/early 40s (I am 44 now). 

I still get breakthrough symptoms, but overall, I remember when I started to feel like things were more under control.  I think though, that it depends on whether you are on a med cocktail that works for you.  Fortunately I was, and I think that may have played a part in it.

I hope that happens for you too!

Edit:  so the age might be different for everyone.  Just IME (what I wrote above).

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@eee123 The course of an illness will be different for everyone. I'm your age and while I still have many of the same lingering symptoms (lack of motivation/interest/pleasure & some emotional blunting) medication has definitely helped with the most severe, debilitating symptoms (emotional regulation, suicidality, anxiety, self-medicating, damaging behaviors, insomnia) so it is worth it to me to remain on at least 1-2 meds if they make me stable to take back some control in order to function (for the most part).

Most pdocs have told me that going untreated will increase the severity of your illness - this is not true for absolutely everyone (some people I suppose, can spontaneously go into remission with maturity, therapy, changing behaviors, etc) But for the most part, ditching meds when you have a serious diagnosis can only lead to worsening of your issue + more erratic moods. Medication can be a life raft that may not allow you to be symptom free, but it keeps you from drowning IMO.

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I wish I knew the answer to this question. I too often wonder when I'll end up curled in a ball in a corner never able to move or speak again...panicked and sobbing and tortured by thoughts or voices, etc. I wonder when I will have had it and be incapacitated completely and entirely by SZA. 

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