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sleeping for 24+ hours

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Tried rozerem.  Knocked me out even worse than usual.

But I usually sleep A LOT.  I have sleep apnea.  I do not respond to alarms AT ALL (even if they are across the room).  I just let them go on and on and on.....until someone turns it off.

My pdoc told my parents that if I am sleeping too long to try and wake me up.  They don't do this because 'it is not their job'.  Whether it is or not, they need to realise that their kid is suffering and the consequences are gonna be bad both to me and them when I finally do wake up.

I AM lazy.  But I am trying to correct this.  I went to sleep yesterday at 3ishpm and woke up today at 4ishpm.  That is NOT normal.

Parents said they'd 'try' and wake me up (after talking to the pdoc).  I'm not seeing it happen.  Then they get mad when I wake up in a bad mood.

Yeah.  My shit is fucked up.

I might have started a thread about this before but I can't remember, damn you klonopin.

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