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I'm new to this forum and it's so big that it's daunting. I'll get the hang of it sooner or later.

I'm always looking for new ways to connect with my peers and this seems like a good place. 

I have Schizoaffective Disorder, PTSD, and a learning disability. I'm fortunate to have found a med that works for me. I've been on it for a month and haven't had any hallucinations or delusions in two weeks! Even my depression is getting better. 

In August I start back to college where I'll learn to be an ASL interpreter. I'm such a nerd that I'm already learning finger spelling and the numbers along with some basic signs. 

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Hello Poetic-Poppy. Welcome to Crazyboards :)

This forum can definitely be a bit overwhelming at first. Feel free to take a look around and to spend as long as you like! Sometimes it can be helpful to limit yourself to a few forums in particular and then gradually branch out. It's up to you.

I'm glad that you've found a med that works for you. That sounds so helpful. Also, I love that you're learning to interpret. I want to learn more ASL, so I definitely don't think that you're a nerd for learning in advance of your courses.

If you have any questions/concerns/inquiries, etc, -now or in the future- please feel free to PM the staff member of your choice.

Looking forward to seeing your posts around :)

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Welcome aboard! We are glad you joined us!

It's great to hear that you are going to college and are studying such an important major. It's also great to hear that your med is working for you. You give hope to us all!

Looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

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Nice to meet you! Welcome to the boards. I am new also. 

On a side note, ASL is a beautiful language. I have a friend who is an interpreter. I hope it as fulfilling for you as it has been for her.

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    • By sharplittlefingers
      Hello to everyone on CB.
      I found CB in what has been one of the most tumultuous of my 43 years on this earth. I have a long history fighting the black dog and all the darkness that he/she carries with them.  I continue to struggle with self harm and feel the glaring stigma that seems to so easily come when people see a 43 year old man and his scars.  As a part the borderline traits I have recently been diagnosed with (not quite BPD but close if that makes any sense) I fight the emotional upheaval that seems to be occupying more of my life of late.
      In a concerted effort to move forward and fight the good fight I am beginning a DBT Program and working hard to find that path forward.
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      So hi, I guess :I
      My name is The Squid Kid. It's not my real name, just on here. 
      My real name is Henry and I'm 17, and my name my voices gave me is 12. 
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      I now am diagnosed with Psychosis NOS and I think they are leaning towards Schizophrenia
      A bit about my voices:
      Sometimes I hear generic voices, whispers, Siri, Elmo, a pirate, the movie trailer voice guy, and astronauts. Sometimes I hear and see Hindu Gods, and one time I met the real god. I see squids and my cat in places a lot (hence the squid kid name) 
      In order to cope, I make electronic music, wood carving, paintings, (bad) drawings, and I like incense. I want to use drugs but everyone says its a bad idea to keep doing them. 
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    • By JRH2014
      Jennifer here..In Orlando Florida for the second time. The first time I moved here I had a break and was in hosp for 3 days .Got divorced moved to Tampa....Got remarried (many years later),and moved back 2 weeks ago and made it 1 night found myself back in same hospital as 7 years ago!
      Anywhoo ...dont want to bore you with the details..
      Im  DX BPD @ 17 PTSD @ 24
      Ive been on and off all of it..since I was a teenager.
      Battled a nasty H addiction ,and have 12 months clean finally
      Im 42 newly married (1 month),and just home from a stay at my local mental hospital.
      Came home with seroqul *sp 100 mgs bid
      Feel better well I think I do anyway...brain currently wrapped in cotton feeling..
      Its good to be here..
      Blessed be!
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      Um, i havent really been diagnosed with anything yet because i just called a psychiatrist an hour ago..but my previous therapist on my campus diagnosed me with Situational PTSD (i add the situation because i am not a veteran so jic)
      but my cutting, anxiety and depression has gotten worse day by day. 
      Im looking for a place online because thats currently where i live and the outside world is leaving me feeling more and more empty. 
      I hope to make friends here with like minded people who dont just tell me that "my depression is a chemical unbalance in my brain" which i understand but i just want someone who will sit with me (virtually included) while we work out its evil evil symptoms. 
      Im super nice and also shy (in IRL) so i hope to be just a great friend back to you
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      Welcome to the mind of the Mindslave. There are no seat belts or road maps here. Moving on from every past thought, cause it passed, and can no longer affect my present. Looking forward to the next right choice, in an ocean of negative possibility. Hopeful about my future as I find inner peace. Grateful for my pain that molded me the way I am. Reflecting, but not dwelling on my past. Allowing my experience to infect a positive change. By reaching the lives of others as I grow....... Oh yeah...... I'm really reserved.......*snicker*.......hahahahahaha........ Yeah right!
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