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Does anyone here have a tomato allergy? I'm allergic to raw tomatoes only, I can eat all of the cooked tomatos that I want but so much as a seed from a raw tomato makes my throat and lips swell up. It becomes difficult to breathe and I have to use my epipen. 

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    • By Octopuppy
      My GP is highly skeptical about this as a thing, but I wanted to ask anyway. Someone here may well be able to advise me.

      When I was younger I couldn't have food colourings, sweeteners and artificial additives. This is spanning from literally weeks after I was born when I was given bright pink medicine to the age of about fifteen. All sorts of sweets and pop, and things like certain kinds of cheese and crap.
      It went like this:
      Toddler: Screaming and crying and not sleeping
      Small kid: Inability to focus, sit still or obey rules before eventually getting tired and sleeping for about a day.
      Older kid: Hyperactivity, hysterical laughing, absolutely bouncing off the walls before crashing into hysterical crying and temper.
      Teenager: Legal high. My friends used to bring me Skittles and Coke (the worst offenders) just to watch me get off my head. Didn't affect the occasional hallucinations I started getting as a teen, but it did make my imagination go wild. Crash was horrible, often SI'd on the way down.

      It was assumed I grew out of them, and could have Coke without exploding, but tended to avoid anyway. Still got a bit buzzed if I had a lot, but I pegged that to sugar rush, as I have a pretty low sugar diet.

      So, here we are today, wondering if artificial additives can cause mood disorder in adults. I'm 23 now and having to check ingredients on everything. :|
      On the occurrences where I've had severe hallucinations, dissociation and on a few occasions, complete personality change (my pdoc has suggested the way it is sounds DID. More exam needed.), there's been mass amounts of red and yellow colourings involved. Of course, there's also usually been stress and a reasonable amount of time alcohol (another thing I've cut out, sigh.) around too, so it's speculation.

      Anyone have stories to share on additives?
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