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I'm Taking Adderall Now!

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Welp.  I will be taking Adderall IR 5mg twice a week before my three hour class because I've had four of these classes already and have been experiencing  classic ADD symptoms, such as feeling out of my mind with boredom and not being able to focus.  I am dx'ed with ADD but the dx is from when i was 11 and I'm a 36 year old woman.  In fact ADD was my very firs dx.  :-)

With approval of my Dr. I did a test run today because I had time and some work that I could be doing.  It was 2:35pm when I took 5mg.  Within 20 minutes I knew something was different.  While it was difficult to put my finger on it, I thought maybe what I was feeling was more cautious and and slightly more inhibited.  At 3:15 I took to my homework and worked for a solid hour, getting a lot done within that time frame.  I thought I felt more motivated and was not finding myself feeling bored.  This seems promising.

I went to dinner.  We ate around 5pm and I noticed I only wanted starchy food.  Is this a thing with Adderall?  I usually love salad but today i was thinking, roll with olive oil and rigatoni with red sauce.  Although I didn't eat all my pasta, the meal hit the spot!  I am thinking there might be a correlation between being on Adderall and wanting starch.  Please let me know if anyone else feels this way on Adderall or any stimulant medication.  

It's almost 7pm now and I suddenly want a beer.  This is unusual for me.  The medication probably wore off.  

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I'm glad it's helping you. It's a small dose so I doubt it had an impact on your eating. If you were taking a higher dose, it probably would suppress your appetite until you adjusted to it.

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