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Mirtazapine Side Effects

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Hi all,

I quit Clonazepam 10 months ago, really been struggling with my anxiety since then on only Lexapro. My new psych doc has me on Mirtazapine and Clonidine (as needed). I've noticed a pretty bad sore throat, tongue is sore, and often I get really bad tickling sensation in my lungs when I walk and breathing doesn't feel right. Every other day I can't walk or dogs, much less do my running or cycling. Also abdominal pain, sometimes feels very high pressure and bloated.

I've been on the drug about a week, any chance this stuff goes away? 

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Those are really weird side effects to be from mirtazapine. Maybe they are from the clonidine or maybe they are symptoms of anxiety. The only side effects I get from mirtazapine are sedation which can be extreme and my appetite is greatly increased. Perhaps I get some orthostatic hypotension too.

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Thanks JT,

I reviewed possible side effects between Mirtazapine and Clonidine and it seems to fit more with Mirtazapine. I do get a really dry mouth, which both can cause.  I get waves of fatigue as well and I'm tired, which I expect to some degree.


Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur:

Less common

  1. shortness of breath


  1. mouth sores
  2. sore throat, chills, or fever


Some side effects may occur that usually do not need medical attention. These side effects may go away during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine. 

Less common

  1. Abdominal or stomach pain
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Yes, that's right, I did get dry mouth from mirtazapine, but then I get dry mouth from all my meds. I have found that mirtazapine is a rather benign antidepressant to compare with some of the others out there. Recently, though, I have gone off it because of the weight gain, but I was on it for years.

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