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I have had an experience in the past of dealing with Drs who attributed all my very physical symptoms to my history of mental health problems. 

Sure all those severe headaches were caused by my stress/depression.  Oh yes,  me being depressed has caused me to forget how to swallow...........funny, I started to believe them. ;)

Of course, when I finally found someone to really listen to me it was after I went out of network and stopped my AD's.  No mention of an MI in my charts.....they did the tests I needed, and I was scheduled for brain surgery within a few weeks. 

Now I am faced with the same thing.......my neuroligist/neurosurgeon has moved,  I am now on a high dose of a med that I cannot stop easily, and I feel my symptoms returning............

WHY DO I STILL FEEL THAT I CANNOT BE BELIEVED?????  That all my symptoms are just my mental illness rearing it's ugly head yet again???? 

Does anyone else feel this way???  Anyone else had the stigma of a MI get in the way of an appropriate medical diagnosis? 

Well, hopefully I will toughen up and head to a new neuroligist and see what they have to say.........but I will have to admit to my MI, because the type and amount of meds that I am on cannot really be hidden or explained with any other diagnosis...

Maybe I should ask my Pdoc to recommend a good neuroligist/neurosurgeon        hmmmmmmm what do you all think????

Thanks for listening to me vent :)

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I can relate to your situation, somewhat.  I went through more than a few doctors before finding one who actually listened to what I had to say and ordered the appropriate tests.  I think that's the reality of being a patient with MI.  Most doctors aren't going to order expensive tests when the most obvious explanation is the easiest explanation.

With your health background, however, I don't think you should have trouble getting the doctor to take your complaints seriously.  You've had surgery and were seeing a neurologist regularly...these are details that can't be shrugged off.  I would be certain to get a copy of your records faxed to the new neurologist's office well in advance of an appointment.  It doesn't sound like you'll have problems, though. 

I've known mentally normative people who have had problems with apathetic and incompetent doctors, who had gone years without a proper diagnosis.  This is a shortcoming of the medical profession that cuts across all segments of the population, though we probably are marginalized to a greater extent.

I hope whichever new neuro you choose, or are referred to, treats you with the respect you deserve.  Good luck!

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Unfortunately, it does still happen sometimes. I had a bit of trouble with an endrocrinologist this summer who didn't want to treat my low thyroid readings until my pdoc said that he couldn't see it being related to my meds and wouldn't change them even if it were.

The people who know about my depression have been fine with it, although it's also true I'm not exactly announcing it.


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Heya Zelda,

Stigma.  I have a soapbox about this.  I won't subject you to it.

(See?  My self-therapy is helping.)

Doctors like written things.

Get and keep copies of your neurosurg and neuro consults.

And their office contact info.

Make sure any new doc gets your old records.

And be your own best advocate.


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Thanks guys..........  I am going to make an appointment....               

eventually........ ;)

I do have an appointment with my Pdoc next week and maybe I will mention this to her also......

I did have the surgery at a major, well-known hospital in my area.....so I am sure they will have my records..... I just have to believe myself.

Isn't that sad.........mental illness is a battle that is really never over.  And I sure am tired of fighting the war...

Thanks guys..

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