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What does the Lamictal rash look like?

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*sigh* I broke out in a rash suddenly tonight.

It is an odd shaped rash like prickly heat, small individual flat rashy areas all over the inside of my arms and thighs, not very itchy . I also made Indian food so it may be something I ate.

What a pain in the ass.

Does the Lamictal rash go away with benadryl, I haven't taken any...yet.

added pics




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When I started on Dilantin, I broke out in a flat rash, all over (I looked like a leopard) and i had a high fever...it didnt itch...my doctor told me, after I switched meds this last time (because Im med sensitive) to call him or my GP or go to the ER ASAP if I got any sign of a rash while starting on anticonvulsants....Best bet...call the doc...NOW...better to be safe...just get checked out...

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I had no fever, but checked out my rash with a dermatologist who took a biopsy to make sure it was not a drug related allergy. It wasn't.

I had two things going on: poison ivy on my trunk and excyma (sp?) on the face....postules with heads (gross) that were very itchy.  He gave me a steroid pack (difficult) for both along with cortisone cream.  It worked but was slow.

I was determined not to give up my lamictal which seems to be working well.

I'm glad I didn't give up at the first sign of a rash.

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Well I took some benadryl last night because I was getting a little hoarse just in case it was an allergic reaction.  The rash is still there and doesn't look like it has spread.

I put a call in to the nurse at pdoc. Waiting for them to call back.

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Heya solstar and everyone,

Yah, generally you would have other symptoms, like fever or a cold, or blisters, or involvement of the mouth, palms, soles.

Below is too much information on Hx and Px for those like me with Intellectual Personality Disorder.

Have someone lay eyes on you, Solstar, please.

But the rash you posted pics of looks more like what we call a drug rash, which is a rash that comes on with a drug but is okay and doesn't mean SJS.



Usually starts with a cold.

This usually is part of a 1- to 14-day fever, sore throat, chills, headache, and feeling generally crappy.

Vomiting and diarrhea are occasionally noted.

Mouth/nose/skin lesions develop abruptly. Palms and soles are most often involved.  Back of the hands and outside of arms and legs also.

Clusters of outbreaks last from 2-4 weeks. The lesions are typically not itchy.

Fever has been reported to occur in up to 85% of cases.

Involvement of the inside of the mouth may be severe enough that patients may not be able to eat or drink.

Some patients might have urinary problems.

A history of a previous outbreak of Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) or of erythema multiforme may be present.

Typical symptoms are as follows (besides the non-itchy rash):

Cough productive of a thick purulent sputum


Feeling crappy

Joint pain


The rash can begin as spots that become bumps, blisters, hives, or patches of redness.

The center of these lesions may be blisters, tiny bruises, or black.

The typical lesion has the appearance of a target.  In fact, targets are conseidered typical.

Lesions may become large blisters and later rupture, leaving open/scalded skin. The skin becomes susceptible to secondary infection.

The hives typically are not itchy.

Infection may be responsible for the scarring people get.

Although lesions may occur anywhere, the palms, soles, back of hands, and outsides of arms and legs are most commonly affected.

The rash may be confined to any one area of the body, most often the trunk.

Mucosal (mouth, gut, urinary) involvement may include redness, puffiness, sloughing, blistering, ulceration, and tissue death (necrosis).

The following signs may be noted on examination:


Tachycardia (fast heartbeat)


Altered level of consciousness

Epistaxis (nosebleed)


Corneal ulcerations

Erosive vulvovaginitis or balanitis

Seizures, coma


Too much information??

Pics are on the Internet but yah, they're yucky as many involve severe SJS and TEN (toxic epidermal necrolysis).


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*sigh* I broke out in a rash suddenly tonight.

It is an odd shaped rash like prickly heat, small individual flat rashy areas all over the inside of my arms and thighs, not very itchy . I also made Indian food so it may be something I ate.


I've got the same one going on and just starting to fade out.  For now I'm blaming

it on taking a chainsaw to a tree that I have reacted to in the past  (that

also hosted a mildly poisonous ornamental weed)

Four other (non-SJS) types of rash to watch out for:

1. Any rash accompanied by a puffy swelling feeling in the throat and/or gums

2. Any rash that you can look at your arm and watch it visibly spread.

3. Any rash involving the top layer of epidermis peeling off.

4. Any rash that leaves your hand looking like some bumpy plastic monsterzilla 

    thing a schoolboy would drop down the back of his classmate's blouse.

And yes, this is from personal experience.  ;)

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