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I have the urge to cut again

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Let me start off by saying I've been clean for 6 years, but I have the strong urge to cut again. Lately, life just isn't going right for me. I received a letter from my university that they were going to cancel my financial aid  due to bad grades unless I appeal it (which I'm trying to do) and my parents are unsupportive as hell. I feel completely alone. And I just broke off a long term relationship with my boyfriend and I feel worse and sadder than ever. Any advice for a worn-out soul? 

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No wonder you're having urges again - that sounds like a LOT of stresses.

I've not cut in four and a half years now, and when I get an urge, I remind myself of the agreement I made with myself, which was that I could revisit my decision to stop cutting at any time when I was calm and regulated.  Reminding myself that I don't have to give up cutting forever, but just for that moment, makes it easier for me.  And revisiting the reasons I decided to stop in the first place.

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