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One of my measures for how good an antidepressant is is its effects on sense of humor.  By sense of humor, I mean both finding things/situations funny and saying/doing funny things yourself.   I'm not expecting anything that turns me into a standup comic.  But I do notice that certain meds, like Lamictal, completely kill my sense of humor (nothing is funny, and I say nothing funny), while tricyclics increase my sense of humor profoundly in the initial stages before wearing off.  

So this poll is: what medication (antidepressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, or anything else), herb, supplement, etc., had the most profound effect for you for increasing your sense of humor?  I've heard a couple people somewhere say Remeron, but I decided to do this poll.


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23 hours ago, Jamameds said:

my sense of humor definitely runs parallel to my moods.  Just another example of how we are all different, I guess.

Mine too.

I find that when I am in a deep depression or apathetic, I have no sense of humor at all.  I don't get angry at anything, and I don't laugh at anything.

When I am in a good mood (overall) and have affect, and more "animated" attitude, I have a sense of humor and will laugh/smile at things ('laugh' and 'smile' both being said very loosely), but not that deep down laughter I (used to) get.

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