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self-harm because of psychosis

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I was listening to BBC World Service today. They had a program called The Why Factor where they explored the subject of self harm. They focused mainly on emotional regulation in teenagers. While on the one hand I was definitely a teenager who used self-harm as a coping mechanism, in my adult life I've only self-harmed when psychotic, particularly when I believe there is a supernatural entity forcing me to do it. 

Just out of curiousity, is there anyone else out there who self-harms mainly because of psychosis? As in, only when you're psychotic or due to delusions/hallucinations commanding you to? I figure there must be others out there like me.

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I've recently self-harmed because of my voices. I tried to over dose but my missus stopped me, then I tried to cut my wrists but the knife I found was too blunt so only managed to create some small cuts. I really wanted to finish myself off this time becuase of the voices, fuck them!

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