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"Cognitive restructuring" for psychotic thoughts

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Has anyone here had success with cognitive restructuring with regard to psychotic thinking? I just met with my pdoc and explained to him that I'm seeing "signs" in my environment. Like for example, the other day I saw a huge sign downtown saying "Under Armour" but I read it as "Under Attack" and I felt it was a sign to me. Not sure what of yet, but some kind of sign meant just for me. Pdoc told me I'd likely always have such things happen to me, I just need to frame it differently in my mind. Like telling myself... no, it makes no sense that a sign would be just for you on the top of a building. Reasoning with myself, basically.

Anyone else been told this? Or had any success with it?

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My tdoc has told me this but has never given it a proper name. Actually she has called it self talk. Like telling yourself that "it's ok", etc. (Whatever phrase works for you) when a message appears. Over and over again if you have to. Also, always be looking at the facts of situations ("everyone is healthy right now that I know").

I'm sorry you are having these experiences now too aura. It's scary. This has been happening to me for a long long time. I found self talk to be somewhat helpful at times if I really practice it, but the looking at the facts doesn't seem to help me when the signs and messages occur throughout images and media sources. I hope this helps. Thinking of you. 

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I've also worked with a therapist who had me doing CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I found it really helps me, when I can do it. You kind of have to be able to rationally step back to be able to ask yourself questions about what's really going on. I've also found it helpful to check in with other people about what they see/hear (only people I trust). 

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