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Slept enough but feel like I have not slept

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I am so tired, I feel like a zombie, My eyes are heavy and I would love to take them out. I have been sleep for 8-10 hours and a few naps most days but I just can not stop dreaming, My dreams seem to last hours to day, weeks or months. I know I Vivid dream and sometimes I can Lucid dream. It works in stages, I can become aware that I am dreaming, at that point I can stop it and wake up but I will go back to sleep and normally dream the same. After the point I become aware I can change the topic of the dream if that makes sense and then I can control my dream.

I do not mind waking myself up but I get to REM sleep within 30mins, when I can look at the clock. Anyone know of a way of suppressing dreams?

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