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What's the most dicey thing you got away with in hospital?

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I post this here because I want to aim the question at those who are susceptible to psychoses especially schizophrenics.

As involuntary inpatient I stayed out on a pass longer than I was suppose to and the police came to my home to bring me back to hospital.

I pulled a fire alarm to escape the ward for a short period of time. Police returned me a short time later.

I piss tested with illegal drugs in my system and got called out on it.

That was all in a psychotic state. Today im not psychotic, and I havent been for some time. 6 months at least since ive been outpatient. I learned my lesson and calmed down alot, yet the meds im on aren't yielding favorable results for my schizophrenia. I find my negative symptoms are exacerbated and side effects I get from the depot injection aren't tolerable. Ive talked about this to my psychiatrist and he didn't see it as big of a problem as I did. 

I want to no show my next depot injection appointment. I don't know what the consequences for this will be. I don't believe im on a leave certificate, and I'm not dangerous so I'm hoping it wont come back to bite me in the butt with another involuntary stay in hospital getting involuntary injections.


I'm in Canada btw

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Your meds are what are keeping you out of the hospital. You fail to take the depot injection, you will likely become psychotic again and in that case will definitely end up back in the hospital. Do you really want that? I get that the side effects suck for you, but the meds are the best options we have at the present time. As for negative symptoms being worsened by meds ... consider that maybe when the positive symptoms abate then the negative symptoms become more noticeable and intolerable. I'm not saying that you aren't suffering because negative symptoms are a bitch, but at least you aren't in the hospital. Please rethink this.

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I live in the UK. I was discharged on a CTO and if I refuse my monthly depot I'm recalled back to hospital, the police come to my house and take me to hospital, they give me a chance to have the injection and if I'm still noncompliant they forced me to the floor and injection me and my CTO is fully recalled and I end up spending some time in hospital. 




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I am in Canada as well. They can't force you unless you have a CTO or are involved with CAMH if you're in Toronto. I really hope you rethink it considering I've been where you are. And while in some situations they can't force you, it can still bite you in the arse.  

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