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Ruptured Achilles Tendon vs Tdoc Appt

Guest BOYD

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Now I have to get surgury to repair a ruptured achilles tendon which will

interfere with my first tdoc appt. Having to go through this surgury and 4 months of

rehab is going to be a time consuming affair, which in itself is somewhat depressing. I put a call into the tdoc's office to see what they think.

Who Knows?

One month (2 hard casts) then a soft boot and 4 months to heal to full strenght.

  I know It could be worse but...........

Right now just have a soft cast on it. No pain just mental stress thinking or dare

I say worring about nothing. :embarassed:  Boyd



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Heya BOYD,

On the upside, being laid up gives you an excuse to play video games.  ;)

Seriously:  the Achilles rupture sucks.  You're right, rehab's a bitch.

Possible your therapist will encourage you to see him/her anyway, when you can fit therapy in with all that rehab.

Good record of success with the repair, so don't stress too much about it.

That's your doctor's job.  :)


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