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Yay! I resisted the urges

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Yesterday I had pretty strong self-harm urges triggered by trauma memories.  I tried my usual distractions (TV, crochet) but it wasn't really helping.  So I tried calling my DBT therapist for phone coaching. This was the first time I'd tried calling, and it made me really nervous.

But she called me back and had good suggestions.  One idea was to do distractions that required more mental effort. Even when I'm crocheting, I'm still thinking a lot. So she suggested trying a new skill, like origami.

And it actually worked. Amazing. Not just like preventing me from SI but still really really wanting to, but it actually reduced the urge.  I watched Youtube videos of different origami creations, and followed them step by step.  My mind got engaged and I stopped thinking about self harm. I can't believe this actually worked.  I kind of want to document it here so next time I can believe it is possible. 

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