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Anyone on an MAOI, Tricyclic, or Wellbutrin for Bipolar Depression?

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Has anyone had luck treating Bipolar-Depression (mostly bipolar II) with an MAOI?

Or perhaps some other antidepressant, like a Tricyclic? At the end of this month, I will be starting a new job. And I will have completed a very important life-change, a surgery.

The thing is, I have tried a couple anticonvulsants (works good at times, but bad side effects) in addition to my stimulant (ADHD - works well). I wonder if I could try something else... Maybe an MAOI or Wellbutrin.

I'm wary of any SRI,SSRI, SNRI, etc for the reasons that they can trigger mania for people with bipolar, but also because they really seemed to hurt my cognition and sex drive when I was on them many years ago. Or they simply do not work. 

I find my dexedrine somewhat stabilizing anyways, and slightly antidepressive. Definitely it is motivational - to help slog through and not feel/ think too much. BUT, I'd still like to be happy, and I found some success with Lamictal. I think maybe because stimulants help my ADHD and my mood a bit, maybe combining it with Wellbutrin could help each ADHD a bit and more importantly my depression. The other antidepressants, I don't know much about. I'm sure some people have found success on strange combinations before, when the tried and true methods didn't help. I am also using CBD, which does help but is probably not enough. Like CBD and stimulants help but there's definitely something missing.

Maybe I just need to keep working hard on self-discipline, and put myself out there more and in time I'll heal. But to eliminate thoughts + feelings of depression and anxiety, would be very helpful too.

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