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Does Antipsychotics Instill an Intense Fear of Death in Anyone Else?

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Although Zyprexa doesn't go quite as far as instilling the absolute terror Risperdal did, it still comes close. After not taking it for a few days I'm really starting to notice it, yesterday especially I was actually giddy at the thought of being brutally murdered, which is in such contrast with the terror the thought of dying causes me when I take Zyprexa.

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Most antipsychotics work on alpha adrenergic receptors in some way and this can cause a lot of physical symptoms of anxiety and fear. It took me a while to tell the difference between genuine anxiety and a med just messing with my adrenaline receptors. It's really hard to tell the difference. I've heard that Latuda at the lower doses for some users instills a sense of panic combined with some akathisia which may feel like a panic attack.

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