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i dont know why but i have very short psychosis always when i feel my mood becomes too extreme like thinking im a prophet for me cannabis triggers also psychosis and im always afraid when im psychotic is it normal? when im manic i feel insane when i become psychotic i feel afraid. i dont know but i havent slept for 2 days although i took medications i became very irritated started screaming on my mother later on my doctor when i went outside i felt like my visions starts to become very sharp and people talking in the streets echoed in my ears then i look on people face and i was a little bit scared dont why started feeling paranoid got to a cab the cab driver calmed me down and i felt ok. when i got home i went to sleep and now i feel ok. i dont want to take antipsychotic its prescribed for body dysmorphic disorder that made me manic inititally but there were times i didnt care about the BBD.does short psychosis mean schizotypal? i dont was diagnosed for that too but The BBD made me manic so im definitely bipolar i was also a lot of time manic because of antidepressants which were prescribed because doctors thought i have something with schizotypal but that was wrong im bipolar 1 was diagonsed in the first place by a manic episode i had in college. Is anyone here not scared when psychotic what can i do to relief the stress instead of taking antipsychotics and why when i was a manic at the college in the first place my psychosis didnt last much its like i had grandiose beliefs but they ceased dont know why... any way wants to get off seroquel im on 100 mg dont like antipsychotic because of tardive dyskensia and all this shit brain damage im also on lithium 900mg

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