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I have a longstanding diagnosis of SZA and been hospitalized many times over the years. Here in the UK the government are making it harder for people to claim social security and they are cutting peoples benefits. I fear they are going to cut mine at an assessment. I think to myself what's the point in trying to be well when if I'm perceived as mentally well on medication and can manage they will cut my benefits and that can potentially make me homeless in the future. so I cause chaos refusing to take my depot, getting recalled of my CTO and spending time in hospital, it becomes a cycle.  My social worker filled my benefit form claim pack in recently and I told him I was worried about losing my disability benefits and he inadvertently told me because I'm on a CTO I should be fine. That just magnifies my thoughts that if I'm not on a CTO I will lose my benefits making me want to kick off...

I know this is unhealthy but is it normal in the context or does it cross over into more personally disordered? What do you think?

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I'm not on a CTO and have just had my disability reassesed with no problem. Didn't even need a medical. That was both PIP and ESA (Support group) in the last couple of months. I know the government are making it harder, but if you have a severe MI condition, it's likely you're going to pass it!

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I got ESA (Support) and PIP without a medical. Oh and the only thing we sent with both was actually a supporting letter from my Social Care provider. 

My ESA was 4 years ago though. So expecting to go through it all again soon.  That is causing anxiety. 





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