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Enova Oil, Benecol Spread, OJ with sterols

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Trying to help my roommate lower his high cholesterol. He's been nothing but a meat eater all his life, so all this is new to him.

Curious what anyone knows about using the products with plant stanols or sterols in them, which claim to help lower cholesterol. Brands:

* Benecol spread - margarine with stanols

* Enova oil - oil consisting mostly of DAGs (god knows -- something to do with diacylglycerol oil molecules)

* Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise Orange Juice - OJ with sterols

My tendency is to think they really aren't worth all the extra cost, and that you'd be better off just using olive oil, etc. My guess is that it's sort of like buying those speciality eggs, the ones with marketing claims to be high in omega 3. When you really look into it, you pay a lot of extra $ for very little payoff -- and in the long run you get more bang for your buck just getting omega 3 capsules.

But so far I am reading mixed results on these products fortified with plant stanol stanols or sterols, or Enova oil. Some big claims of lowering cholesterol, with reseach to back them up. Some disputes (Dr. Weill says better to use olive oil that Enova).

Any thoughts?

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Heya revlow,

Your roommate picked the right roommate!

Weil is an idiot.  But, olive oil and avocado oil are much more useful and safer than all that other crap.

And yeah, like the Omega eggs/milk/margarine, the additives are in such small amounts they don't count for squat anyway.

Increase his fibre intake.  And fish.

And exercise.  And a 5% weight loss.

And try a B-complex.  Niacin is an older tx for triglycerides, anyway, that we still Rx.

Your (his, my) liver keeps a homeostasis (balance) of cholest in your system.  Whatever isn't absorbed from food, your liver absorbs from your blood.  So, technically, decreasing fat intake should help.

But not for everyone.

Your liver can also be a little cholesterol factory.

Do you know if anyone in his family has high cholest too?  B/c this might be genetic, a little cholest factory in his liver, in which case he's pretty much stuck with Rx meds.

Which work really well, and are safe for most people.  And require less bloodwork than lots of psych meds at least.

OT:  Any news on his prostate?  The same dietary stuff helps that too, supposedly.


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