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Poss. switch fr. Cymb. to ? Causes sleep disrup.

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I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

Zoloft 11+ years - started having many break through depressions

Cymbalta tried  5-6 months at 60 mg. w/sleep disruptions every night.  Overall good on depression - really bad w/the sleep disruptions.

Off the Cymbalta onto Lexapro - less than one month - couldn't stand that stuff.

Now back on Cymbalta - figured I'd give it another try - only on 30 (still good at dealing w/depression), added Klonopin at night for sleep anxieties (on and off insomnia for years) - thought the Klonopin would help w/the sleep disruptions - nope, they're back ;) I'm really pissed!

Since I can't handle the sleep disruptions (even w/Klonopin - which I like BTW), I don't know where to turn now.  Effexor?  Proczac?

Please help guys, I have very few (if any) start up and discontinuations from any AD I've tried (ya I'm one of the lucky ones).  So I really need some good advice cause I feel like I'm gonna come unglued and quick!

So much for short and sweet.  If anyone needs any more info let me know.

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