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Do you think I can successfully live without medication?

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Currently I'm being forcibly medicated by depot injection and have been since 2013 and if I refuse I will get recalled back to hospital. Every time I have become non-compliant I have become ill and needed to be hospitalised, but it wasn't a controlled decrease I just suddenly stopped going to have my depot. I have schizoaffective disorder. Do you think if I was given permission to safely decrease my medication to the point where I take nothing I can successfully live without it without my symptoms coming back? Has anybody tried decreasing meds and what was you success to getting off them?

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Hey straightjacket:

It's whatsiz.  If they are injecting meds into, you need to let them.  Noncompliance is always a slippery slope.   Even if were to be able to stop them under a pdoc's care, I'm sure you would up with anosognosia.  See the post at the top of this forum if you don't know what it is.  I missed one set of meds and went batshit.  Voices all over, yelling and fighting.  Eventually, I got off a bus that I had ridden 3 or 4 times.  I kept thinking I missed my bus.  So I kept on getting on the bus that would take me far away from home.  Then I got off at a stop and walked the rest of the way.  5.5 miles.  I was sick, and am still sick.  I hope you are able to have some good times.  But if you want to come off, do it with your pdoc's help.

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straightjacket, I think that maybe in the future, after you've had a long period of stability, you and your doctor might agree to reduce your meds and maybe even do a trial without meds. But it must be done after you've been stable for quite some time and with your doctor's consent and supervision. DO NOT reduce meds on your own. That is a recipe for ending up back in the hospital and being forced to take meds.

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