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Dying over job offer/credit issues

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Heard your vent.

Congrats on the job offer! Your credit report may not be a big issue -- granted I don't work for the company -- but people are usually more interested to see if you are paying on time, haven't defaulted on loans, which shows you are taking care of your debts,  and not as concerned about overall total debt.

Also, you can get free credit reports on line now. A person is entitled to on free credit report on line a year now, if I remember the new law (feel free to correct me), some states allow two or more free reports per year. If you already know what is one you credit report, and nothing is too bad, you should be OK. Saying this in a possitve, optimisitc view.


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Dear Loon

OK-fast rant. I think using a credit report for employment is awful. There was a time when my credit was in the toilet, but it didn't make me a bad employee. I understand the reasoning behind it, but I still think its nasty to judge someone that way.  I use to work with single parents (as I myself am one) and its tough to keep your credit without child support coming in.

I hate how we have all these tests to pass to just want to earn a living...drug tests (ok if you are going to be a pilot), credit tests, next will be loyalty tests. ARGH - end of rant.

Good luck - (I can help you with the drug tests if you need it!)  ;)


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Heya Loon,

Yah.  Credit report is a stupid prerequisite.

Unless you're a banker or accountant or something, but even then.

If they did health checks on us to be docs, we'd all fail b/c of all the Snickers bars we ate during residency.


Glad things are going better on the job front!

Hope all goes well!


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I'm just going to poke in and say that *most* background checks are for criminal offenses depending on tje job; yes, credit references are likely to only be used in those positions where you'll be handling money and where one might embezzle (at least, such is my guess).

Note that I have had a position offered to me in the past, and had it rescinded literally 6 hours before I was to start training.  This was only at ShopKo and it was a shit job (but hey, A job), and I put down the obe offenxe on the app that I could remember the date of.  But they still waited til a week after they said I had the job and they had asked me if I could come to training the night they called.  Yeah, looking back, I shoulda gone that night...

Anyways, as long as you're not going into a "money" position, and you don't have a background like mine (criminle wise, mostly; but my financials suck too), you should be just fine.

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congrats on the job offer ~pending

I agree with other replies if credit is the only negative they could find on you I bet you'd still get the job...as long as your job didn't directly handle money.

So is this your dream job, fits into your schedule or what? Share if you feel like it, again congratulations!

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