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Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me!

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So ever since they found this boob lump, I've been waking up like, five times a night in a total panic. I just cannot sleep.

Worse, I keep ripping off my new CPAP machine (it's for Sleep Apnea) because of...whaever is in my sleeping head.

Oh, and when I wake up? I'm hungry. Ravenous. Thank Goddess for chinese takeout leftovers.

And my legs are all funky. I know I have restless leg but ever since I've been on Klonopin I havent had a problem, with sleep, or restelss leg, OR siezures.


So I see the surgeon on Monday, cos three radiologists..Oh heck. Go to "Whatever" and check out the "Name Zon's Breast Lump" poll. Nothing like a boob lump on TOP of being incredibly MI to throw everything off kilter.

But...this is temporary, right?

Someone tell me this is temporary.

I told my therapist a couple days ago, and she talked to my P-doc, who prescibed...

TADAAA! More Klonopin! Which brings me up to 5mg a day.

Yes, I also have severe PTSD.

But this sucks.

A lot.

Any suggestions before I start self medicating with Jack Daniels?

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Heya Zon,

Waiting for breast lump surgery is really, really hard.

Really sucks.

Uncertainty and frustration and fear all rolled up together.

This *is* temporary.  Anyone would be at least losing sleep.

Being a wacko just means it's harder.  This extreme stress screws everything up, all the balance goes out of wack, and our chemistry is all screwy, worse than without the stress.

Or something more medical-sounding.  But whatever.

Does the Klonopin let you at least take the edge off?  Is your therapist available on w/ends?

Honey, you're doing everything you can do.

And you can always waste time today reading the review I'm about to post about that article on SSRI and PPHN.

We're here for you, and self-medicating can have less calories than JD -- like TV and CB.


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ditto to what ncc said. The added stress defintely messes with the MI and triggers the PTSD. What you are goign through now is traumatic afterall. I wold not be able to sleep either with all of this on my mind, but it is on your mind and that is what is important. Don't know how your doses of klonopin are taken during the day. It doesn't sound like it does anyhitng to help you sleep.

Waking up panicy and wanted to eat seems reasonable to me, as far as eating can be calming. Maybe go for a food with loaded with tryptophan? have any left over turkey in the fridge?

I hope that after seeing the surgeon on Monday you sleep improves.


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  Yes this is a drag for the person on the other side of the bed, but I swear by relaxation music. I have 5 CD's that are meant for meditation, but I use them to fall asleep to. They SO work. It takes your mind off of everything else, and you just float to sleep to the music.

  I realize time is short, so giving you the website most likely won't be helpful. But do you have a CD player and some headphones that you can pick something out to fall asleep to? No dancing.

  I didn't read when your procedure is, but yeah, it sucks. And I would be a wreck too. So see if you have something that will help you sleep - music wise. Then tell Alex you are learning Spanish while you sleep.

  If you have time, the name of the web site is "The Sounds of Source" - they are not guided meditation tapes, but are classicalish and I LOVE THEM. I used them to get through the storms that created PTSD for me. The best ones are 1, 3 and 4. 3 has whales singing on it.

  Good luck and my sense is - this is nothing.


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