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Effexor or Cymbalta?

Guest monty

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I posted about what i need this for but it is anxiety and ocd, so which one is better?

Cymbalta has a liver warning, effexor seems to be getting sued for discontinuation syndrome?

Has anyone had good results?

Which one makes you gain weight more?

Does one work on the norenephrine quicker and at a lower dose?  It seems you need alot of effexor to even get it to work different then an ssri?  It only works on the other things besides serotonin after 200mg, is that even true and if so, how about cymbalta?

So what's the point if my pdoc said the therapuetic does is usually 150mg anyway?  I won't ever get the benefit of the norenephrine and dopamine?

dopamine isn't supposed to kick in until 300MG?

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Cymbalta works on noradrenaline/norepinephrine and serotonin at the standard dose of 60mg.  Cymbalta is more potent I believe.

Effexor did not work for me (300mg), but I had incredible results on cymbalta. 

I have been around many ADs and Cymbalta is by far the best for me.

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Effexor brought me out of a bad depresssion and helps greatly with GAD.  It may be triggering bp rapid cycling and mixed states in my case though.  But if you are positively not bipolar, and anxiety is an issue it really works.  I need seroquel to sleep though or I am up all night.  It's weight neutral for me, actually lost a bit at first.  I've gone up and down in small doses and it wasn't bad.  You have to go slow and apparently it's when you get down to the last couple of drops it's the worst.  I know someone who used prozac bridging and swears by it.  Jafco posted on how it's done on here somewhere.

Cymbalta I don't know, but many users on here are on it and can probably give you some advice.


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they work the same but with N and S reversing with which one hits first.  I was on Cymbalta for a while.  I still had issues with anxiety and mines not that severe.  I switched to Lexapro which is more for anxiety than the other 2.  You may also want to try prozac.  If Lex doesn't work for me then I may give prozac another try again.

I also take klonopin as well.

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