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Katrina Families

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Updated: 10:41 PM EST

Hurricane-Displaced Families Face Homelessness Again


NEW ORLEANS (Feb. 11) - Twelve thousand families left homeless by hurricanes Katrina and Rita will lose their federally funded hotel privileges Monday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Saturday.

This will be the second wave of evacuees weaned off the federally-sponsored hotel stays within two weeks. Last week, the occupants of roughly 4,500 rooms lost FEMA funding for failing to register with the agency.

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02/11/06 20:53 EST

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On Anderson360 Thursday night he broadcast from Nola again.  What makes this even worse is that there are 11,000  mobile homes sitting at the airport in Hope Arkansas, which have been there for months!

Fema won't place them because they have rules against putting mobile homes in flood plains. *The whole frickin Gulf Coast is a flood plain you idiots*

Further still, and closer to the scene (sorry don't remember where) is a camper trailer dealer who has 3,000 trailers ready to roll, and he'll deliver and another 3,000 available.  He negotiated a price with Fema earlier but they have failed to close the contract and pay him.  They were supposed to give him a check on Thursday but no one from Fema showed up or even called him. He has decided not to move the second 3,000 trailers any closer because Fema hasn't shown good faith and he is afraid he'll be stuck with moving them twice.

Where the fuck is the President?  He could solve this with one phone call and have them rolling to people in 24 hours.

A.M.  (Remember to vote out all incumbents this next election)

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Around here (BR) the situation isn't any better. Yes there are a shitload of FEMA trailors sitting around. Problem is, nobody wants them in their back yard. Cities all over are fighting to keep the trailors out, and most of the time it is working. Not that I blame them, there are thousands of sex offenders unaccounted for, high crime in the existing trailor lots around here.

They did a news story here the other night about this poor lady who owns a motel here. When the Katrina evacuees left and she surveyed the rooms, it was horrible. Stolen tv's, coffee pots, anything else not nailed down. WRITING all over the walls. Soaking wet carpets. In more than a few rooms. The news crew asked a particular lady why she and her family had done all that. The lady said they wrote on the walls because they had no paper. THen she said they wanted to write their blessings on the wall about Katrina. WTF??? This poor woman who owns the motel said she's supposed to be getting around $200,000 for housing the victims, but it will cost much more to restore her business. And she'll never agree to do something like that again.

If these dumb fucks would behave and act like decent citizens most folks around here would have no problem with the trailor neighborhoods being placed in their city/town. But we know better.

And everyone had MONTHS to register with FEMA for aid, how come so many people didn't do it???


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